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Im Lyndsey...

As a Psychic Medium, I offer my ability to connect with the spirit world, an innate talent that I have had since childhood. I served as a co-host and the creative force behind "Wisdom Within Radio," a popular live call-in show that I produced in collaboration with co-host Abraham Deweese from Seattle Sports Union. The show was broadcast through Seattle's Top Talk Radio 1150 in Bellevue, Washington.

While I am grateful to have been voted as the runner-up in the BEST OF WESTERN WASHINGTON Contest two years in a row, out of 236 participating shows, I do not take the support of over 30,000 voters for granted.

My passion for spiritual outreach is reflected in the groups I have founded, Intuitive Together (est. 2011) and Lyndsey's Intuitive Wellness Circle (est. 2017), which have helped me connect with others who share my interests.

I am humbled by the 100,000+ fans who have followed me over the years, including well-known names like Stormy Daniels, Brad Cooney, Montel Williams, and Jenna Jamison. I currently reside in Seattle, Washington, where I continue to grow and refine my abilities through my study of global cultures and spiritual traditions. I am grateful for the guidance of master teachers who help me understand the mysteries that are all around us.

With a diverse client base, ranging from law enforcement, celebrities to individuals of all ages, cultures, religions, and even those seeking answers to paranormal experiences. I am committed to providing insightful and compassionate guidance to all who seek it.
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Intuitive Wellness

Join The Intuitive Wellness Circle, my exclusive channel and supportive group of like minded wellness warriors on their path of excellence in body, mind and soul.

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